Xiaomi Bunny Robot Builder Kit, Global, EU Device, FREE EU DELIVERY IN 2 DAYS


Xiaomi Bunny Robot Builder Kit, Global, EU Device, FREE EU DELIVERY IN 2 DAYS

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The Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot Builder offers 978 components and is perfect for a first introduction to robotics. The remote-controlled model is equipped with a powerful motor and an ARM Cortex MX processor and self-balances itself. The route can be easily programmed via the smartphone. The set can build up in three variants.



Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot Builder

Xiaomi combines craftsmanship and programming. The Mi Bunny Robot Builder can be assembled like a LEGO set, it is self-balancing and controlled by an internal 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor. At the same time, 32 MB flash memory allows for far-reaching routines. The integrated servo motors provide the necessary movement of the model.

A fun way to learn

Xiaomi has many innovations in the meantime. The Mi Bunny Robot Builder is definitely one of the most entertaining! The kit offers fun and introduces children, teenagers and interested adults to the world of robot programming in a fun way. The assembly instructions of the set are easy to understand and suitable for children from 8 years.

Three models in one

Like the well-known LEGO Mindstorm models, the Mi Bunny Robot Builder Set offers a wide range of functions. Before the robot can be controlled, the assembly is necessary. A total of 987 parts are waiting to be assembled. This can be done in three different ways. The enclosed paper manual shows the self-balancing robot. There are two more instructions available in the free app. The building blocks can thus be combined to form an aircraft or a dinosaur.

Innovation control

The Xiaomi App is a central component of the set. Apart from the assembly instructions, the model is also controlled via the smartphone. In the so-called rocker mode, the model can be steered like a normal RC vehicle via the smartphone. In gyroscope mode, on the other hand, an innovative way of steering is possible. The direction is set by turning and tilting. The Path Mode, on the other hand, allows comprehensive programming of the robot. With simple and easy to learn commands, the route of the model can be precisely determined in advance. This is an ideal introduction to the world of programming. Optionally, sensors can be purchased which allow even more programming options.

Classic blocks with modern technology

While the building blocks have a classic design of this kind, the central control unit is equipped with modern technology. There is a 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor with a clock rate of 108 MHz lurking inside, which is supported by 32 MB flash memory. At the same time, two powerful servo motors have been installed to provide the necessary drive. The power supply, on the other hand, is provided by an internal lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged via a USB-C connector. Data transmission, on the other hand, takes place either via Bluetooth or WLAN.

Smooth movements

Due to the central control unit and the two servo motors, the robot can be controlled fluidly. The built-in gyroscope ensures that the robot balances itself and can therefore move and stop stably. At the same time, the separate drive allows even the sharpest curves to be taken. This also makes it possible to rotate 360 degrees on the spot.


CPU 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor, 108 MHz
Internal Storage 32 MB Flash
Bluetooth remote control with bluetooth
Battery 18,3 Wh
Extras 2 servo motors, gyroscope, speech recognition
Material Plastic



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